Hello, I'm Daniel!

This is my personal space. I love computers, building software, and fostering a culture of passion and growth within my team.

I moved to San Francisco from Italy in 2015 to work for an Online Dating startup (my mum is still unclear of what I used to do) and I ended up biting the "Bitcoin bug" when I discovered the Whitepaper. Nowadays, I work for 0x with a really amazing group of people.

When I'm not working, I try to travel as much as possible and meet new inspiring people on the road. Some of them I end up doing really cool things with, others remain a great memory.


Oct/2023 - Today
We help create and complete bounties on Farcaster. I'm the CTO and co-founder of Bountycaster.
Feb/2022 - Aug/2023
Working with a world class team of Backend and Infrastructure engineers to provide the best wallet UX without ever having to compromise on security
Mar/2019 - Feb/2022
I am the Tech Lead on our Maker team, I collaborate with market makers and build open source infrastructure on Ethereum for the 0x Decentralized Exchange
Sep/2015 - Mar/2019
I worked on the matching algorithms for online dating using rule-based systems, linear models, and collaborative filtering.
Sep/2013 - Jun/2013
I worked on dynamic client-side user interfaces and Chrome extensions for the Skimlinks Publisher Hub
Sep/2012 - Jun/2013
I started Gnammo at the age of 17 with 3 other team-members that I met over Skype! The first time we met all together was on the day of our public launch in Milan!

Talks & Articles

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CycleToken is a unique collection of 7 cryptocurrency tokens (ERC721) that I built to raise money for AIDS LifeCycle.

0x Doc

0x Doc was created to serve technically-savvy users such as market-makers, 0x API integrators, and RFQ providers that want experiment, simulate, and trade 0x V3 orders.

Django model meta contributions

Designed, tested, and released Django’s Meta API, already in use by many developers in production. Planned the strategy for deprecation and backwards-compatibility: Old API 100% backwards-compatible. My code can be found Here


SF Python and PyBay

Since 2015, I've been on the leadership team for PyBay (the annual flaghip conference) and SF Python (the monthly meetup). Aside from lining up talks for SF Python and helping out with PyBay, I've also been helping attendees find jobs and encourage bootcamp students to become first-time speakers.


I've been a volunteer for Techtonica's 2019 cohort. Techtonica provides aspirational Bay Area women and non-binary adults with low incomes a pathway to careers in software engineering, and serves the recruitment needs of tech companies committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I'm proud to say that 2 of the students that I've been directly mentoring have been chosen for an internship opportunity, and both of them have also given talks at SF Python!